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Pressure washing garden decking

High pressure Cleaning Services In London

Looking for a high pressure cleaning services provider in London?

At Top Commercial Cleaning Ltd, we provide an extensive array of high pressure cleaning services for commercial and residential areas in the City of London. We understand that customers seeking high pressure services often require assistance with substantial projects that may take time. Rest assured, our team is dedicated and committed to completing your job with care and efficiency.

Our services include contract cleaning for all clients, but it is optional as we aim to provide flexible choices for our clients. This approach ensures that we are not selective or exclusive in our service delivery. Our cleaning professionals are equipped with powerful tools to handle challenging tasks, including graffiti removal and thorough car park cleaning. We operate in the North, East, South & West of London and can provide high pressure cleaning for you, contact us today for same-day services or for more information.

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Our team takes pride in our dedication to every job, without imposing any limits on the scope of our projects. As a growing company, our high-pressure cleaning services cater to a diverse range of clientele, including commercial businesses and residential properties. Our expertise primarily lies in handling challenging stain removal tasks within parking sectors and for various landowners.

Graffiti Removal Services

We are dedicated to providing top-tier high-pressure cleaning services for the removal of graffiti. We recognise that graffiti can pose significant visual challenges for any business or residence. That's why we prioritise addressing your incident on the same day, ensuring swift and efficient service. With our graffiti removal services you can be assured that no damage to property will be done and the area will be restored back to it natural state.

What to expect:

  • Same-day response: Prompt addressing of the graffiti incident.

  • Effective removal of graffiti using industry-specific tools and methods.

  • Restoration of the surface to its original state, ensuring no damage to the underlying material.

  • Implementation of proactive measures to deter future incidents of graffiti.

  • Optional regular check-ups and maintenance to ensure the continued cleanliness and integrity of the treated surfaces.

Graffiti Removal
Car Park

Car Park Cleaning Services

Our high-pressure car park cleaning services aim to transform your busy, vehicle-filled space into a pristine and safe area for your customers. We provide services not only for the parking areas but also for customer areas such as stairs and lifts, ensuring a complete clean and immaculate environment throughout your premises.

What to expect:

  • High-pressure washing of parking surfaces to remove dirt, grime, and oil stains.

  • Removal of tough stains, including tire marks and other stubborn residues.

  • Cleaning and unclogging of drainage systems to prevent water build-up and flooding.

  • Pressure washing of ramps, entryways, and other high-traffic areas to ensure a clean and safe environment.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of parking markings and directional signs for improved visibility and safety.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of parking equipment, such as ticket machines and pay stations, to ensure smooth functionality.

  • Application of protective coatings to minimize future staining and facilitate easier cleaning for long-term maintenance.


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